Radio Tips and Repairs

Instructions for Radio Repairs

 Motorola Visar radios are no longer economically viable to repair. 

  1.  If you are experiencing radio problems, typically the battery is the problem. Please replace it and charge it before you send it to M&O for repair. Batteries have a shelf life therefore we don't stock them. They can be ordered directly from the supplier. Order directly from: Radio Resource, Sam Barlau, 303-419-3215,
  2. If battery replacement does not resolve the issue, please box up radio along with a brief explanation of the problem with your name, site and extension number so we know who to contact with any questions. Send to M&O. The radio is then logged and sent out for repair. It can take 10-14 days depending on availability of parts for older models. The radio will be sent back to you. Charge the radio overnight and then check it to make sure it is functional.
  3. When radios are damaged beyond repair or are not cost effective to repair they will be disposed of at M&O. You will be informed if that is the case with your radio. It will then be removed from fixed assets and you will be responsible for replacing it. Old batteries need to be sent to Facilities in care of the Environmental Dept. These are treated as hazardous waste.

Any questions regarding radios or accessories can be directed to  or Aaron Sanchez at x28600.