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Radios & Accessories

 PLEASE NOTE: RADIO RESOURCE is our 2-Way Radio supplier. Sites can order directly using a P-Card with Radio Resouce by contacting Sam Barlau directly. Although Sam prefers the order by email (for better records), you may also call him at 303-419-3215. His email address is sam.barlau@radioresource.com. Sam will follow up the email with a call to you for your P-Card information. Please do not put the P-Card number in the email.

Radio Resource Ordering Procedure:

Email or call in the following:

1. Name of School or Department.

2. Street address of school.

3. Name of person ordering.

4. Phone number and extension of person ordering.

5. What item(s) and what type of radio it is for. (example; 2 batteries for CP200 radio and 1 Gold Series earpiece for CP185 radio and one new CP185 radio)

 If you have additional questions, you may also email amsanchez@aps.k12.co.us or contact Aaron Sanchez directly at x28612. In addition to Aaron's role as M&O Work Order Dispatcher, Aaron also facilitates radio repair and programming.

All new radio orders will be shipped to M&O first and not to the site. They still need to be programmed for your specific site. M&O will then deliver to the site.


Motorola CP185 Portable Radio

  • 16 channel

  • Single Unit charger

  • Antenna

  • Belt clip

  • Battery



Price $246.50

Shipping: $8.00 for first radio and approx. $1.00 for every additional radio




Radio Accessories

Model Motorola Brand Battery Generic (Power Products) Battery Remote Speaker Microphone 1-Wire Earpiece Gold Series Belt Clips 1-Wire Earpiece Platinum Series
CP185 $58.00 $52.00 $73.50 $51.00 $6.00 $74.50
BPR40 $36.00 $35.00 $73.50 $51.00 $6.00 $74.50
CP200 $85.00 $61.40 $73.50 $51.00 $6.00 $74.50
HT750 $75.00 $54.00 $73.50 $70.50 $6.00 $89.50
PR860 $75.00 $54.00 $73.50 $70.50 $6.00 $89.50
EX500 $89.00 $64.60 $85.00 $70.50 $14.00 $89.50

**All orders will have a minimum $8.00 shipping charge**


Please Note: We are no longer putting APS tags on radios valued under $500.00.  Thank you.

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